Agarwood, renowned for its multifaceted merits in the realms of medicine, culture, religion, and spirituality, as well as its significance in feng shui, boasts a captivating and intricate journey to its formation. When subjected to external elements or internal stress, the Aquilaria tree responds by secreting resin to seal off the injured area, setting it apart from the rest of the wood. With the passage of time, as it absorbs the spiritual essence of the earth and sky and the alluring scents of the tropical forests, this wounded region accumulates essential oils and evolves into what we know as agarwood. The aroma of agarwood is a harmonious blend of warmth and purity, fostering concentration, tranquility of the mind, and a positive influence on one's fortune and spiritual well-being.
The longer agarwood accumulates essential oils, the more it becomes a precious treasure. Many believe that agarwood embodies the essence of heaven, earth, the sun, and the moon, acting as a guardian and a harbinger of good fortune for those who cherish it.
The process of sourcing natural agarwood is a formidable challenge, as the Aquilaria trees flourish in the depths of remote forests and secluded mountainous regions. Harvesters often embark on months-long expeditions, crossing mountains and delving into the heart of the forests in pursuit of these precious trees. Additionally, not all Aquilaria trees produce agarwood, and it can take thousands of trees to find one that does.
Nowadays, Agasen Vietnam Agarwood Group JSC, in collaboration with a dedicated team of scientists, has devised a method for cultivating bio-agarwood. This innovative approach involves the nurturing of specific microorganisms capable of inducing agarwood formation on Aquilaria trees. The result is synthetic agarwood that attains fragrance quality and medical effects that rival its natural counterpart, approaching a remarkable 99%. This marks a pivotal milestone in fortifying and advancing the Vietnamese agarwood industry, playing a pivotal role in establishing agarwood as a preeminent national cultural emblem.

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Agarwood is a precious gift bestowed by nature upon humanity, a rare and mystical treasure laden with profound significance and sacred value across numerous facets of life, such as culture, religion, medicine, aesthetics, Feng Shui, and spirituality. Regardless of place or era, the exquisite and captivating fragrance of Agarwood delicately permeates, imparting a sense of sublime tranquility and bestowing upon us a feeling of peace and happiness. Its timeless allure continues to grace us with its serene and enchanting aroma.


Agarwood, a natural resource primarily distributed across Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, southern China, and a few others, with Vietnamese agarwood being acclaimed as the world's finest. However, today, the natural agarwood source is depleting rapidly, with no sustainable development investments in place. Hence, the establishment of a resilient agarwood industry necessitates genuine attention toward the sustainable development of the raw material regions, conservation efforts, and the enhancement of agarwood quality.

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The Exclusive Biotechnological Agarwood Technology by Agasen

The Vietnam Agarwood Group JSC has collaborated with top domestic and international biologists and successfully developed a technology that replicates the natural fungal infection and agarwood formation process on Aquilaria trees, resulting in agarwood quality that is 99% identical to natural agarwood. Thanks to its unique biotechnological innovation, the Vietnam Agarwood Group JSC is fully self-sufficient in creating a clean, high-quality source of raw materials, meeting all product demands both domestically and internationally.
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