The first showroom of Vietnam Agarwood Group Jsc is located in the Elegant Park Villa residential area on Thach Ban Street, Long Bien District, Hanoi. With a mysterious oriental style and a sophisticated combination of various precious woods, the Hanoi showroom opens up a luxurious and high-class space for displaying the latest agarwood products, along with a dedicated agarwood appreciation area. Our professional and knowledgeable staff about agarwood will always be present at the showroom to assist and answer any questions you may have, helping you explore the most precious values of agarwood.

In addition, we collaborate with the Vietnam Agarwood Research Institute to research and create the highest quality agarwood products from Vietnam.

The Hanoi showroom is in the final stages of completion and will be ready to welcome you in the shortest time possible!


The Agarwood Showroom in Phu Quoc is designed and strategically planned to promote itself to domestic and international customers who visit the 'Pearl Island'.

It would be our great honor to welcome you at the Phu Quoc showroom as a special stop on your journey. Here, you can choose for yourself and your loved ones spiritual and lucky gifts made from Vietnamese agarwood, or simply come to enjoy the pure agarwood aroma and a warm cup of agarwood tea, fully immersing yourself in the emotions of Phu Quoc's people and nature.


Located at an incredibly unique location – where the hot and cold ocean currents converge, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa enjoys an exceptional climate and soil fertility, giving birth to renowned and rare products. This place is also the origin of the legend of Thiên Y A Na Holy Mother – a revered goddess known as the Mother of the Land, the Goddess of Agarwood.

On the journey to explore the nature, culture, people, and creatures in Nha Trang, Agasen Vietnam Agarwood Group Jsc is honored to welcome you to the Nha Trang Agarwood showroom – a place that preserves and displays the finest agarwood products, the Vietnam's earthly and celestial quintessence.


Expected to be built in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, the showroom of Vietnam Agarwood Group Jsc is a place to display and collect a diverse range of products, from highly valuable agarwood pieces to everyday items like Agasen-branded agarwood tea and wine. All of our products boast elegant designs and excellent quality, making them perfect choices for gifts to partners, family, or friends.

You can choose for yourself an authentic agarwood bracelet, not only to showcase a unique personal style but also to use as a protective amulet to ward off bad luck, attract fortune, and bring good things into your life.