Ngôn ngữ



Our journey began with a deep passion for agarwood and a vision to establish the agarwood industry in Vietnam, this led to the creation of the Vietnam Agarwood Group Joint Stock Company in 2022. We aspire to transform agarwood, a rare and historically rich resource, into one of our nation's most distinctive cultural symbols. Through this endeavor, we aim to bolster Vietnam's prominent presence on the global cultural stage.

Agarwood has been integral to Vietnamese life for thousands of years, touching various aspects, including medicine, religion, spirituality, and feng shui. Agarwood serves as a bridge between realms, emitting a fragrance that purifies, aids in meditation, and brings inner peace. Its precious and pure aroma has long been cherished by royalty and the elite. In the past, there was a saying, "agarwood scented brocaded robe," which illustrated the practice of using fragrances to enhance one's refined and sophisticated lifestyle. Agarwood continues to play diverse and profound roles in the lives of the Vietnamese people, retaining its timeless significance.

Our mission at the Vietnam Agarwood Group Joint Stock Company is to strengthen and expand the agarwood industry in Vietnam. We collaborate with experts worldwide, continuously integrating cutting-edge technologies to create five primary agarwood product lines featuring hundreds of new items. These offerings range from agarwood-infused liquors and perfumes to cosmetics and agarwood beverages. These agarwood products will become a source of pure, refreshing, and gentle experiences, enriching every facet of life and filling each day with the soothing aroma of pure agarwood.

In addition to our dedication to research and innovative product development, the Vietnam Agarwood Group Joint Stock Company strongly emphasizes investing in raw materials, this includes everything from cultivating agarwood seedlings to nurturing, growing, and developing agarwood on sprawling agarwood plantations spanning hundreds of hectares in renowned agarwood-producing regions like Ha Tinh, Quang Nam, Khanh Hoa, Phu Quoc, and various other provinces and cities across Vietnam, this ensures a sustained supply of high-quality agarwood and underscores our commitment to sustainable development in this modern era.

We welcome you to collaborate with us and invite reputable organizations and individuals to join hands. Together, we can combine our knowledge, promote Vietnamese agarwood products on the global stage, and further establish and enhance the significant role of the agarwood industry in our nation's economic development. This endeavor promises to bring remarkable benefits and enriching experiences to consumers worldwide.

Our Agarwood Showroom

In our pursuit of creating a premium agarwood brand and a trusted destination for agarwood enthusiasts, where they can comfortably appreciate, experience, collect, or own high-quality agarwood products, the Vietnam Agarwood Group Joint Stock Company has made a resolute investment in a modern and elegant showroom system. This showroom showcases the complete range of our company's five primary agarwood product lines. Here, we carefully select the finest materials and the most beautiful products, accompanied by comprehensive and transparent information about the origin and source of the agarwood, this ensures our customers can explore with complete peace of mind, experiencing agarwood's exquisite beauty and wonderful fragrance.

The Vietnamese Agarwood Showroom is designed in an enigmatic Eastern style, with an exquisite and luxurious space divided into five distinct areas for our five main product lines. Visitors can browse, shop, or relax with agarwood tea while enjoying this unique environment's pure and soothing fragrance. Our showroom in Hanoi is gradually expanding to major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, and more. Our showrooms always have their doors wide open to welcome visitors, allowing us to share our passion for agarwood – a precious gift bestowed upon us by nature.