Agarwood is formed through the transformation of wood molecules in the Aquilaria tree. This process occurs due to factors such as cracks, breakage, insect tunneling, ant nest formation, or the influence of molds and microorganisms. When the Aquilaria tree is infected, it naturally accumulates resin to “heal” the wound, showcasing its self-defense mechanism against diseases and resulting in agarwood. However, not all Aquilaria trees can produce agarwood. Only those affected by diseases, with suitable natural climate conditions, and specific resistance capabilities can develop agarwood in the core of their trunk. Due to the challenging conditions for agarwood formation, it becomes scarce and expensive.


Agasen Agarwood Perfume is a premium fragrance, primarily composed of natural Agarwood essential oil, combined with over 10 other rare and precious fragrances to create a luxurious and distinctive scent. The fragrance of Agasen Agarwood Perfume is not only remarkably seductive but also possesses therapeutic properties, reducing stress, restoring energy, and enhancing mental focus for the user.


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